About Us

Hi, I’m Bethany and I’m the founder of Healing with Horses UK!

I started my journey to creating this place as soon as I discovered that I could combine my two passions of my life; Horses and Humans. I’m a trained and registered social worker and have 10 years of youth work experience and have a passion to see people grow and develop into discovering themselves.

I find it so refreshing getting away from busy life to spend time with my horses and ever since being a child, I’ve known horses have so much to offer us as humans. I’m so excited to be in a place where I can combine these two loves of mine and use my skills to help people discover their innate value and support them through life.

I travelled to Australia to train at the Equine Assisted Practice which opened my eyes and profoundly moved me. I am so proud that I got to train under such an inspiration who approach humankind horses is so compassionate and I’m so glad that I also get to the first EPI model practitioner in the UK!

Meet Dixie!

Dixie is a sweet natured mare who loves meeting new people! She has such a kind and calm presence and loves to lounge around for most of her day. Dixie can offer clients ridden sessions and is very supportive for nervous ridders. We love her fun cheeky side and she’ll prove anybody wrong who doesn’t believe horses don’t have a personality.

Meet Shiloh!

Shiloh came to us here after being rescued from a fair ground where the conditions were so poor her rescuer – having not really the space back home – took her on anyway to make sure she had a better life. Luckily for Shiloh she’s found a home here, where she is spoilt and gets her rest now. Shiloh came here not having a name so Bethany named her Shiloh which means “Place of Peace”, to reflect how Shiloh can know she will always be well treated for the rest of her life.

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